60 Fun Date Ideas For Teens! The Ultimate Guide To Teen Dating

60 Fun Date Ideas For Teens! Great Things You Can Do With Your Partner On a Day Out.

Ever been on a date that was so bad you ended up in an ice-cream parlour? Not every date needs to be an epic fail, but you can make it memorable with some fun activities.

These days there’s no need to go for something tame, as we have compiled a list of fun date ideas for teens.

I want to be the one that gets you in trouble. I want to be the one that makes you laugh and smile. But most of all, I want to be your best friend. And maybe more than anything else, I just want to date you.

Everything is changing, and it’s not only because there are a bunch of millennials out there with phones in their hands who always have something new to say on social media.

Cute Date Ideas for Teens

1. Get Ice Cream Together

When you first start dating, ice cream is always fun. You can go anywhere and get ice cream from places like Dairy Queen or McDonalds (yes, it’s super good on date night!). And don’t worry about the calories as there are so many fun combos out there! But what’s even better than date night for ice cream -is date night with no expectations.

2. Mini Golf for Teenage

This one is fun for everybody and offers great practice at matching up the perfect game. You can go in a group of friends or couples- it’s your choice! And if you trying to pull off being a dating expert just ask, “What games do you play during date?” That way people will be looking for ideas with golf added.

3. Grab A Coffee Or A Bite To Eat

A date idea that is perfect for warm months, grab a breakfast type of meal before the movie or play park. There are great options at Peet’s Coffee & Tea and many other places with great bagels on Valencia St. Go On A scavenger hunt!

4. Board Game or Puzzle

This is another great date idea that is perfect for teenage fun. Choose something like Monopoly or Risk, and have a great time finding different pieces all around your town! And if you’re feeling extra sneaky, make up some complex game rules to add an air of mystery.

5. Go Hiking

Climbing a mountain can be fun for date idea! Teenagers love hiking! It’s a great way to connect with nature and get some great exercise while doing it. If you’re looking for an easy hike that is perfect for first date, try going to nearby hiking places.

6. Go To An Arcade

One of the newer date night idea ideas is dating night at an arcade. Yes, it’s cheap fun and great way to spend time with someone. So head on over to your local game store and check out all the games ranging from bowling or vintage karaoke machines (they’re great for first dates too!)

7. Going Ice Skating

Younger generations typically love going ice skating as well! This can be fun for date idea at any time during the year; outside or inside. Try ice skating at one rink and then head to the arcade or bowling alley!

8. Go on a Picnic

A fun date idea that is perfect for summer, go on a picnic! This can be fun in any park or garden around town. Pack BBQs and snacks to enjoy while you have a great time talking over your favorite park bench. The great thing about date at parks and gardens is that it’s fun, cheap, and even good for your dating chemistry!

9. Go Bowling

Bowling is perfect date idea for teens & in general. It can be fun how cheap it largely depends on where you’re bowling and what time of day you go. But generally I would say 5 stars- bowling alley with free snacks/booze. If not just fun times. bowling date night cheap fun idea is perfect for first dating idea.

10. Biking

Biking is also fun and great way to get some good exercise while talking on your bike, so pick up a great bike at your local store first! This can be especially fun if you live in the city making it an exciting date ideas right out of park. A great idea could be bike riding along hills in your local countryside. This will take you away from busy traffic on well maintained routes where the views over green fields and across spectacular scenery really make it fun.

11. Enjoy Dessert

A fun idea for date dating ideas is on dessert. Grab your date and try grabbing a great ice cream or first date ice cream shop! There are plenty of great ice cream shops in Seattle good enough to grab first dating ideas from as well. Who doesn’t love perfect first dates?

12. Game Night Date Idea for Teenager’s

Another perfect date idea idea first dating ideas is game night. Grab some fun games like board games and great snacks to enjoy while playing fun board games dating good ideas for teen in Seattle! This can be a cheap way to go on date night with your friends or just family at home.

13. Go to a Drive in Cinema or Movies for Teenager’s

There are many drive in cinemas that are great for teenagers. Some of them include the Odeon, The Vue and Cineworld.

14. Explore The Great Outdoors

There are many great places to visit around us, with stunning natural beauty and fun landmarks such as beaches and ice skating roads. Outdoor fun can be enjoyed like city parks or at country homes that have picnic areas by lakesides perfect for margarita making day of fun.

Cute Date Ideas for teenager’s

15. Make Her Dinner

Throw some chicken in the oven or grill up some hamburgers and invite your date over. A little cooking is a great way to show him you consider whoever brings food when they go out as dating material, not just his idea of fun.

You’ll also get good ideas for more complicated snacks – like gratis fresh fruit prepared with cream cheese that’s been layering all night at the bar by an attentive friend.

Here’s how it works: You’ve been dating for about three weeks and he calls you first thing in the morning asking what you want to eat that night. Great news! Something was saved on his cheap eats menu of spaghetti

Thank Her for Dinner You don’t have to be great at cartwheels and hula hoops, but you do have to be somewhere in the dating game. And first date icebreakers aren’t rocket science; just think out of the box a little bit – although it helps if your idea of fun involves eschewing pyrotechnics.

16. Karaoke night Time Date Ideas for Teenager’s

There’s a great deal to see, and It is fun place if you are looking for date night. You’ll get both singles dating without any awkwardness or long term commitments when on Karaoke NightTime Date.

17. Go Ice Skating Date Idea

If dating ideas for teenager’s date night idea is ice skating, there are great places to ice skate in town. It will be fun time together with your date as you skate and then when you tired some place nice sit down have a great conversation at night.

18. Photoshoot

Photoshoot date idea is fun way to spend time together. You can have great photo shoot by either going in a studio or out with friends that know how to take good pictures and then you can choose best photos from them.

19. Mini Road Trip

You can plan mini road trip date idea out by first deciding the destination. You could go on fun date night to a local park or beach, zoo, amusement park… The best way is not just dating ideas for teenager’s but also fun time together where you’ll learn about your date as well as get to know him or her better.

20. Spa Day/Night

Spa date idea is great way to spend fun time together. You could have date night at a local spa or go out for mini road trip and then head over for good night time massage at the same date.

21. Go To A Concert

If date night idea is fun date ideas for teenager’s go to a local concert. You can take your date out on fun trip to the local movie theater or bowling alley first and then head over for great night time show or best ice skating rink where you will have great time together with good food.

Date Ideas For Teenage Couples

22. Take A Painting Class

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, why not take a painting class? My first time taking one of these was back in high school. I learned how fun it is so much more fun than trying to figure out the perfect hair color on yourself at home!

23. Go Kayaking

This is perfect for all ages. Kayaking is fun and great way to spend time with friends! Plus, you get a great tan at the same time!

Fishing Trip Is Fun For All Ages Fishing has been an enjoyable hobby of mine.

24. Go to an Animal Shelter

Cuddle up with a cute animal and you can make memories that will last for life. animal shelter are perfect for fun date idea for teens. They have a great atmosphere and the animals are really friendly!

25. Go Swimming

Swimming is great way to get exercise and fun at the same time. There are tons of pools around your area that you can always go swimming in.

26. Go to a Sushi Train

This fun date idea is great for those looking to eat good food. Sushi trains are perfect because you can order whatever kind of sushi that meets your tastebuds!

27. Stand-up Show

Stand-up comedy is fun date idea for teenagers. You can laugh and have fun with your date night ideas!

28. Go for High Tea

This fun date idea is great idea for all ages. You can pick a time that best fits your schedule and go to tea! Plus, you get to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

29. Buy Tickets To A Musical

Many high schoolers enjoy going to the theater. Why not buy tickets and go see some great musical?

You will find something fun for you date idea ! Find a show that has great music, good acting, and fun story line with romance or comedy included in it!

30. Go Kite Flying

Kite flying is great way to have fun anywhere. You can kite fly on the beach or you can go fishing with a kite at a park and just relax in the sun.

31. Feed The Ducks and Fish At The Park

Feeding the ducks and fish at a park is fun date idea that can be great for teens. Feeding the birds at your local park helps to keep their habitat healthy, which means it will stay clean

32. A Cheap Date Idea For Teens

Go To The Beach With A Blanket Or Sleeping Bag If you are looking for cheap date idea that doesn’t cost much

33. Spend Your Day At The Park

Why not take a cheap date idea to the park? You can have fun by going for walks, weeding, or swimming in the lake.

Go To The Zoo If you love animals and want to go zoo-ing is fun date idea that will keep you on your toes!

34. Frisbee

Frisbee may be a great way to spend time with your partner. Frisbee can be played outdoors or indoors. You can also play as a team and have fun competing against each other.

35. Visit Botanical Garden

Kind of like the orchards, but a more fun, seasonal spring date. get dressed up and find flowers that remind you of each other!

36. Attend A School Function Together

This fun date idea is perfect for high school dating. You can attend a school function together and bond over the great time you had!

37. Virtual Tandem Date

For a fun date idea that doesn’t cost much, you could try virtual tandem dating. You can have fun by video chatting with people who are far away from each other!

38. Go Fruit-Picking

Fruit picking is fun date idea great way to get out of the house and have fun in nature!

39. Make A Time Capsule

If you have great ideas for fun date idea, why not make a time capsule? This fun date idea is perfect way to show your love and create memories!

First Date Ideas for Teens

40. Walk The Dog

If you want fun date idea that doesn’t cost much, why not walk the dog? You can go for a nice walk around your neighborhood and just enjoy being together!

41. Go To The Zoo

Going to the zoo is fun date idea perfect for animal lovers! You can see all of the cute animals and have fun dating in nature.

42. Go Thrifting

Thrifting is fun date idea great way to get out of the house. You can buy fun cheap items and have a blast doing it!

Take A Walk In The Woods Together If you love nature, why not go for a walk in the woods? This fun date idea is teens.

43. Sightseeing

If you love fun date idea, why not sightseeing? You can do fun cheap date ideas in cute places around the country!

Go Hiking If walking is your thing, go hiking. This cheap dating idea will let you see great views and get outdoors together!

44. Watch The Sunset

If you want fun date idea cheap, why not watch the sunset? This dating idea is perfect to spend time together with your date.

Go To The Beach If being near water is something that turns you on, go for a nice night at the beach! You can enjoy great views.

45. Watch The Stars

You can see great night sky together and spend time talking!

46. Paint With Each Other

If you both love art, why not paint together? This fun date idea is perfect way to spend time with your date.

47. Go On A Car Ride

If you want cheap dating ideas that doesn’t cost much, why not go on a nice ride in the country?

48. Make A Playlist Together

You can spend time making fun date ideas cheap playlist together and listen to it night!

49. Go To The Movie Theater

Why not go for a movie date idea that great way to spend time with your date? You can enjoy the popcorn in theater.

High School Date Ideas

50. Go To Brunch

Brunch is fun date idea great way to spend time with your date together. You can eat good food and spend a quality time with your partner.

51. Make a Graduation Sign Poster

If you’re dating someone who is graduating high school, why not make a graduation sign poster together? This fun date idea can be great way to show your support.

52. Go Shopping

If you like shopping, why not go for a day of fun ideas on cheap dating? You both have time together and great way to spend time with someone special!

53. Glow Sticks

If you love fun date ideas cheap, why not try glow sticks? This dating idea is perfect way to get your date out of the house and have some fun!

54. Roll Out a Graduation Tablecloth

Why not go for a fun date idea cheap and make a graduation tablecloth together? This dating idea is perfect way to show your date that you care.

55. Make Smores

If you love fun date ideas cheap, why not try making smores? This dating idea is perfect way to get your date out of the house and have some fun!

56. Blow Bubbles

Why not go for a fun date idea cheap and try blowing bubbles? This dating idea is perfect way to get your date out of the house and have some fun!

57. Hit Up The Mall

One way to take advantage of the great deals at your local mall is to hit up the various shops during their seasonal sales. This way, you can save a lot of money on items you might need or want. Plus, you can explore new brands or stores that you may not have otherwise.

58. Skating In The Park

Another fun date idea cheap that you can do together is skating in your local park. This way, you can ice skate or rollerblade without breaking the bank. Plus, skating in a park often has great views of the city skyline!

59. Photo Clips with String Lights

Try photo clips with string lights? This dating idea is perfect way to add some fun and excitement to your photos together!

60. Visit Thrift Store

Thrift store is a great for teens and young children to pick up some used clothing at for cheap. Thrift stores also have tons of other items that can be bought without spending too much money on them.

Best Fun Date Ideas for Teens

There are many fun date ideas for teens. Some first dates are as simple and easy as going out to dinner and getting dessert, while others are more common, such as staying at home to cook together, playing games, watching the sunset, and having a movie night.

Teenagers may want to do something special and unique. It may be a lot of fun to plan something unique and special for your partner.

If your are is in the mood to have fun, here are some additional fun date ideas for teenagers.

  • Try a coffee date. When you are out for a coffee date for teens, you might end up having a lot of fun. You can talk about the latest movie and other interesting topics.
  • Have fun at a gaming arcade. For people who have a passion for gaming, there are many places where you can enjoy gaming. There are also many fun dates for teens that involve gaming, for instance, game night at your place.
  • Game night at your place. If your teenager has a gaming console, then you can have a fun date night. You can play games like Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, and more.
  • Check out the museum. You can have fun visiting the museum with your partner.


If you’re looking for fun date ideas for teenagers, these are a great way to get started. You can find many different things that you and your partner can do together. Some first dates are simple and easy, while others may be more complicated. Be creative and have fun!

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