Top 3 fun team building activities for teens

Interesting team building activities for teens

Implementing team building activities for teens and fun indoor activities for teens can be beneficial in several ways if we can use them with the awareness of the benefits of team building activities. There are many free online games for teens and social skills activities for teens to use as team building activities.

Benefits Of Team Building Activities

Teenage is the period of a person’s life where he/she can identify the true potential of themselves and the hidden talent within them. This is the age where most teens struggle to get along with their peers in the social groups and especially the opposite gender.

Therefore, as elders, teachers, and parents, it is our responsibility to help teenagers to build confidence and develop social skills.

There are many effective social skills activities teens which can aid teens to widen their inner circle and be socialize with people around them.

Another benefit of team building activities is they can guide the teens towards dealing with the opposite gender and to control the attraction towards them.

These social skills activities allow teens to overcome the fear of dealing with others and boost confidence as it helps to strengthen their personality.

These top 3 free online games for teens and team building activities will help the teenagers have a positive experience by working as a group and achieve success by working together.

Activity 1 – Trust Game

There are many trust games and this one is for a minimum of 5 people in a group. This can be used as a fun indoor activity. One person from the group should be assigned as the center person and he/she should be blindfolded.

The others of the group should protect the person in the center from harm by holding hands. Since there are several groups it should be challenging to keep the center person from collapsing into other groups.

So the observer can give the center person some activities like dancing, jumping, walking, and the group members have to protect the teammate from harm.

If there is enough time, all the group members can have their chance to be the center person. After the activity, it is better to get the opinions and what they felt when blindfolded.

Activity 2 – Fear Hat

This activity is one of the often used social skills activities nowadays. This can be done in groups of 5-6 and asking them to write a thing they are most afraid of. After writing it, they can put it into a hat, and each group is asked to pick one randomly.

After picking they are given time to discuss the thing they picked and find a solution for it. So the observer can ask questions when each group is explaining their solution.

This activity can help teens to understand each other and accept the differences in each other as everyone is unique.

Activity 3 – Among us

This is a popular online game that can be played as a group. There is a spaceship and the group is inside it. There is an imposter or several imposters within the group. The imposter can secretly kill the group members one by one and the group has to reveal the imposter among them.

This is a free online game for teens and others too. So this game increases team abilities and analyzing skills. The group members can learn how to play among us online and play in a group of 10.

There are numerous free online games for teens and social skills activities for teens. They can be used to gain confidence in them and boost the team spirit among them.


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