How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower | A Complete Guide

A complete guide for Virtual Baby Shower

When the term baby shower is mentioned, what rushes into your mind? Your guess is right just like anyone else. We often think of inviting a group of friends, loved ones, and relatives to celebrate this great moment.

But what if the people you need the most to attend are not close? What next. And that’s not all; we are in the midst of a pandemic that dictates you maintain a 2 meter distance between persons for your safety.

If you are in this position, don’t stress, thanks to the virtual baby shower, you can still celebrate this event. It allows you to connect with your friends, family, and loved ones in one place. And that’s not all, it also accommodates almost all activities you would engage in an actual baby shower.

So if you have no idea what a virtual baby shower is or how to throw it, let’s have a look at this guide. It covers everything about this event and how to organize it from the start to the end. Let’s start:

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Also known as an online baby shower, it operates on the same idea as the traditional option. It often occurs before the baby is born or at times after. However, expect a change of scene in this case. It’s also good to know that an online baby shower is not a perfect replacement for the actual one.

The feelings from this one are not that deep and touchy as an actual one. You cannot enjoy the diverse array of food and drinks. And also, don’t expect so much on the dressing part of your guests. Lastly, expect it to be more casual than an actual event.


How does Virtual Baby Shower Work?

It’s important to mention that food will not be the center point for this baby shower. However, your attendees are free to prepare something in their place to celebrate this occasion.

What takes place, in this case, is people will log in to the online venue to celebrate this occasion with you. And the following ways is how you can make this possible:

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower:

Choose a virtual venue

Typically, you need a virtual venue for this ceremony to take place. In this case, you need to find a tech that won’t fail you in the middle of the party. Thanks to the advanced technology we have today, there are plenty of options to choose from.

It can be an app or website that can accommodate all your guests to this party. And while choosing the venue, ensure it supports video to make this event exciting. Further, you link your computer or tablet with TV to have a better visual of the party.

The following are video services you can use:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google hangouts

Further, the above video channels come with chat features to allow you to share images and videos during the party. Thus, you can use emoji to express your feelings during this ceremony as you chat with them.


Choose a Timeline

Similar to an actual ceremony, an online baby shower also requires that you choose a timeline for your event. With the timeline, your guest can have a clear picture of the date when the event will occur, the time it will start, the activities of the day, and the time it will end.

  • Choose a day that provides your guest with sufficient time to plan their time and also send their gifts. Also considers shipment delays.
  • If your guests are from various time zones, then pick a time that will accommodate most of them comfortably. It can be impossible to please everyone in this circumstance.
  • Ensure there is a time frame for this party. This means you should choose a specific time to start and end the event. And this is because everyone has their plan or schedule to follow.
    And while you may have days of free time to spend, some of your guests may only have a few hours in their busy schedule to spare. So be respectful when it comes to the ceremony timeline.

Organize the Registry

Registry plays an important role in baby shower whether it’s an actual or virtual ceremony. When you have family and friends, they will be handy in getting all you need through the registry. So, if your plan is opening the gifts as the party goes on, you need to prepare this registry before sending the invitation cards or links.

To get a registry, some of the best sites you can find them include Amazon.  And this is because they offer great offers like welcome box and free shipping, among others. So, use this opportunity to get everything you may need for your baby when the time comes.

Baby Shower Invitations

Don’t be too focused on preparing everything perfectly and end up forgetting about invites. You need to send baby shower invitations on time to ensure your guest have enough time to prepare for this ceremony. And while doing so, ensure your registry is part of it.

That said, you need to be creative in this step. You need to prepare cards with beautiful designs. The digital invitations stand out as the popular and fastest means to send these invitations. And if you fancy the traditional postal means of sending the cards, ensure you do this on time.

To make this task easier, you can choose to use online tools like GreenvelopeEvite, and Paperless Post. These tools come with intriguing options you can use to send online invites. And some of them include gifs, and music as well as active links that redirect the guest to your registry.

Also, you can include thank you emails if you are using the virtual way or cards if you are sending physical mail. And not to forget, etiquette plays an important role even if you are sending online invites. Ensure your guests receive their invitation at least two weeks to the celebration date.

Prepare Decorations

Do you need to make decorations? Yes, you do. Even if the party is held virtually, decoration still plays a vital role in making this party realistic and fun. Keep in mind that your guests will be viewing your background through the camera.

Therefore, you need to ensure everything glitters and remains beautiful if you want this occasion to be considered a ceremony.

However, don’t break your back trying to decorate the whole house. You can concentrate on one specific area that your camera will be able to cover as a whole. That said, you are free to apply the Best baby shower ideas you have in mind. That said consider the following ideas:

Baby boy theme

This idea is the best option if you are certain that your baby is a boy. The theme should be centered on blue color. In this case, you are free to venture into various shades of blue and ensure the colors you pick have a better contrast for aesthetics. Also, you can be creative with the same color on the cake if it’s available.

Baby girl theme

And if you have confirmed your baby is a girl, then it’s time to put baby girl theme into work. In this case, pink color will come in handy in creating the baby girl theme.

You are also free to consider other girly colors of your choice you may have in mind. Ensure you are creative as you decorate to create a stunningly beautiful background for this party.

Gender-neutral ideas

Gender-neutral is a common theme in various baby showers. In most cases, it’s applied if the parents don’t want to reveal the gender of their baby. So, if you have the same idea in mind, then you should use a yellow or golden yellow theme in decoration.

Gender reveal theme

This decoration idea incorporates two gender colors. It can be pink to represent a baby boy and blue to represent a baby girl. It’s a great idea if you’ve been waiting all this long to discover the gender of your baby. Therefore, choose this theme if you want to celebrate the gender reveal with family and friends.

Royal theme

Are you planning to spoil your unborn princess or prince? Then choose royal theme decorations. You can choose to use red or royal purple to create a royal theme.

Lastly, incorporate other decorative elements like napkins and balloons to make the surroundings more beautiful. And while doing so, ensure there is no color clash of any sort to avoid confusion.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Are you wondering whether baby shower games and activities can apply in this case? Yes, you still need to incorporate them in this party. Furthermore, you can also include prizes to be won in-game challenges. But what types of games and activities can apply to a virtual party? Let’s find out:

Guess the Price

This is a common game in this type of ceremony. It’s a fun challenge you can use to boost the mood of the guests. To play, you need to gather various baby items. Then pick one by one while asking the guests to predict the retail price.

Furthermore, it can spike up a fun conversation since most people will be comparing the price based on the time they also had babies.

Guess Number

This is a simple game but exciting. To play it, the host will have to fill a jar, cup, or small tray with items and then allow the guests to predict how many items are in it. the items can small fruits or sweets.

Who’s the baby

Many people are familiar with this game. It’s quite exciting as it reminds everyone of their childhood. The game involves the host getting the baby photo of all the guests at first.

Thereafter, the host will post one by one allowing the guests to guess who the baby might be. However, this can only be a fan if the guest knows each other well.

Guess baby songs name

This is a fun activity that any guest would enjoy. It involves downloading various baby songs and then plays each one of them for the guest here. The challenge here is for the guests to guess the name of the song and maybe the singer.

Prepare Food

This part is just for you and the people in your household during the party. However, if the guests feel the need to also have food of their own, they are free to do so. But if you feel the need to have everyone eat and drink during the party, then you can share with them drinks ideas and food recipes they should prepare.

Also, you can send food to those living close to you. But whichever way you choose to handle the food part, ensure your favorite food is ready. And for decoration purposes, you can include baby shower cake, cookies, and various candies.


Memories are great and especially on an occasion like this. And what other way is better to keep memories than recording? Therefore, you need a camera with a great performance during this party.

Ensure it takes clear and colorful images so that you may keep it for good memories in years to come. And since this is a virtual event, ensure the device you are using has a great camera. Thereafter, click the record button and have this party saved for future reference.

Thank You note

Once the online baby shower is successful and has come to an end, don’t forget the etiquette of saying thanks. You can do this before the guests log out. But the best technique is sending each one of them a thank you note. After all, they had other vital things to do by they chose you over them.

To simplify this process, you can use online tools with thank you templates. Choose an option that looks beautiful and then customize it to your liking. Once it’s ready, send it to all your guests who attended the party.

Final Take

Cancellation of a baby shower can be quite frustrating if the guests cannot attend in person. But with the virtual option, the guests can still attend this party from wherever they are. Just follow this guide and this party will be a success.

And if you are not well acquitted with virtual setups, you can simply hire an expert at an affordable rate to prepare this for you.


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