7 Fun Things To Do With a Newborn Baby

Activities to do with your newborn

Many mothers wonder what are the fun things to do with a newborn and things to do with infants. Therefore, having a better understanding of what to do with a newborn is important for a mother to interact with the newborn baby.

Benefits of doing fun activities with a newborn

As the popular saying emphasizes, “when the baby is born, the mother is born”. It is the mother’s role to be aware of the fun things to do with a newborn to teach him about the world around them. Newborns understand new words, colors, and expressions by looking at the surroundings.

Playing and moving helps the muscles to form in the proper shape and build strength. These activities help determine the personality of the child growing up.


Singing and music

Newborn babies prefer listening to the sounds. They grab the sounds and language from the surrounding. It is important to let the newborn hear mother’s singing and melodies to improve their memory strength and mental stability.

There are specially made music for newborns and lullabies to sing. Mother’s voice is the best sound to hear for an infant and singing is a fun thing to do with your newborn.

Capture every moment

All the movements and moments of the baby are memorable as they only come once in a lifetime. The things you do with your newborn can be recorded and captured to see them in the future. Another fun thing to do with your newborn baby is keeping an email account for him.

You can create an e-mail account for your baby and send pictures and videos of all the movements and memorable moments of his life to it. The e-mail id and the password will be a great present for him to give on his 18th birthday.


Munchkin is another thing to do with infants. When the baby is awake, though he cannot understand your words, try to talk with him, and make facial expressions and gestures accordingly. You can change the tone and adjust the pitch of your voice accordingly. It will help not only to develop the bond between you and your newborn baby but also to help the infant improve communication skills.

Hide and seek

It is not the regular way but hide and seek is another fun thing to do with babies. Use your hands or a piece of cloth to hide your face and make a sound or call the baby by his name. This will help the newborn identify your voice and increase attention.

Colors and scenery

Use colorful toys and ornaments around the baby. You can take your newborn baby to a park or a quiet and calm place to enjoy the natural colors around. This is a fun thing to do with babies and it helps the kid to sharpen the senses.

Touching and Feeling things

Let your newborn touch things and feel the shape by touching. It is a fun thing to do with infants when bathing, letting him splash water, and enjoy it. Touching and holding objects helps a baby to feel the environment properly.

Tummy time

Allocate some time to hold your baby up his head and see things from a different point of view. Always support the back and head to keep straight while holding him up. This is a fun activity to do with a newborn and it helps him in the next steps of life.

Allow your baby to learn something new every day. Such activities can improve your newborn baby’s growth and be a proud mother looking at him growing up.  


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